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Pekspec for Business

An analysis service, an essential part of the organization’s quality control process, capable of analyzing the content of raw materials or final products, and reporting the results instantly to the user.

NIR Technology

NIR spectroscopy is used for the content analysis of molecular components, intermediates and final products, increasing production efficiency in the food, feed, agricultural, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

There is a difference between what is shown to us and what is real in many areas of life particularly in the health, food and agricultural sectors. Content analyses are currently performed in a laboratory environment using high-cost and time-consuming methods. The Pekspec portable analyzer enables businesses to perform these analyses quickly, cost-effectively and reliably using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology. The system uses artificial intelligence-based software algorithms to improve the accuracy rate of analyses.


Pekspec makes it possible to detect nutritional facts, pesticides and spoilage anytime, anywhere, by anyone!


Pekspec can establish metrics such as optimal harvest times, quality, and price.


Use Pekspec to detect the counterfeiters in the drug industry or choose our skin care solution to stay forever beautiful.


Soil analysis, incoming raw material control, narcotic and cosmetic analysis and much more, all at your fingertips.

About Us

Currently the only way to perform content analyses is in a laboratory using expensive and time-consuming methods. This is particularly true of essential food products. The Pekspec portable analyzer with its near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology, enables businesses to perform these analyses quickly, cost-effectively and reliably. The system uses artificial intelligence-based software algorithms developed to improve analysis accuracy rates. The final product is the result of R&D activities in the fields of opto-electronics and software. The person, institution or organization using the product to perform the analysis will instantly receive the results through mobile applications.

We are an organization which aims to produce a new generation of optoelectronic solutions for the fast and accurate analysis of matter by using near infrared radiation and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Pekspec's areas of activity include the development of a matter content analyzer for institutions and individuals, the development of artificial intelligence algorithms, the creation of a data library, and the production of training sets for universities and software developers.



Pekspec's mission is to produce innovative scientific products and services that will analyze the content of matter by using near infrared and artificial intelligence technologies.


Pekspec aims to produce products and services that will provide benefits for humanity using spectrums that are not visible to the human eye in many areas of life particularly in the food, health and agricultural sectors.


Buğrahan Yağmur

Co-founder/General Manager

Zafer Yasir Yılmaz

Co-founder/Technical Team Leader

Assoc. Prof. Sadullah Öztürk




NIR Raditation from portable device

Analized material absorbs some of the rays and reflects the others

From the reflected rays, we get special graphs with 18 data point(ID of the material)

Device send this graph to our database

Machine learning algorithms shows the ingredient of the analized substance on mobile app

NIR spectroscopy is used for the content analysis of molecular components, intermediates and final products. It aims to increase production efficiency in the food, feed, agricultural, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

NIR can manage quantitative analysis (determination of matter concentrations), qualitative analysis (identification of raw materials for intermediary and final products) and process control. It can provide information regarding the moisture, protein, fat and starch content of products. The application of NIR varies by industry We can tailor the product to the design requirements and specifications of the organization in accordance with specific products and manufacturing requirements.

NIR technology works on the following principles, a light beam creates a diffraction that works like a prism and separates light at a near infrared wavelength. The near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is based on the absorption of electromagnetic (EM) radiation at wavelengths in the range of 780 and 2.500 nm. Light interacts with the sample and the detectors measure the permeability and absorbance of the sample. Permeability refers to the amount of light that completely passes through the sample and hits the detector. Absorbance is a measurement of the light absorbed by the sample. The detector perceives the light transmitted from the sample and converts this information into a graph on a digital display. The emerging graph is the spectral fingerprint of the matter. This graph is sent to the data library via the Bluetooth module; artificial intelligence algorithms establish the outcomes.


Businesses Pekspec

We offer a complete analysis service in which the content of raw materials or final product outputs is analyzed and reported to you instantly as part of the quality control process.

Our team will visit your company to identify your instant analysis needs. This we do on your company's production line. Installation is provided in exactly the places where instant content analysis is required. As part of our service, you will receive access to libraries containing all the products that you want to analyze.

At this point, we create usage scenarios according to your needs. The system is integrated with the production line where continuous control is required, and you’ll receive the results instantly via a web panel. Where analysis is needed at pre-determined times, a portable device is provided to the personnel responsible for your quality control processes. While the analysis results come through the mobile application, the reports are stored in the cloud so you can access the analysis statistics anytime and anywhere via the web panel.

Our reporting and reminder system will allow you to follow your product throughout the supply chain via the web panel.


Pekspec for My Home

Scan objects around you and instantly track information about their chemical composition directly from the mobile app.

You can select the libraries that you need via the Pekspec mobile app. Depending on which libraries you have access to, you can instantly uncover the nutritional value and quality of milk, meat, fruit and vegetables. You can also identify any pesticides or food colorants present in the products. Discover information such as the gluten and GMO content of products and whether equine, donkey or pig products have been used. Receive assurance that the food is halal in a matter of seconds!

We can integrate Pekspec with smart products in your home. Integration with your refrigerator will allow you to track the products entering your refrigerator to make sure that they’re fresh. Follow which products remain in your refrigerator from the mobile application and you can plan meals according to the expiration dates of the ingredients in the fridge. With our additional product options like smart mirror and smart weighbridge, you can follow your body mass index and choose the most suitable cosmetic products for your skin.


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